Castello di Vincigliata



Wine tasting experience

Inside the castle, after a guided visit of the medieval setting, we offer a sensory examination and evaluation of our wines, with a tasting of salami,breads and tuscan cheeses.

Make up and hair in the Castle's Suite

The art of make up for the perfect bride; we offer a complete pack, personalized make up and hairstyle ,all set in the magic picture of the Castellana’s room the master bedroom of the castle.

Rent a cars

Fiat 500 Vintage (1936-1969)

The form of sympathy,great little car

Alfa Romeo Giulietta (1955-1962)

Perfect synthesis of sportiness and elegance

Fiat 1100 (1939-1969)

Queen of racing, 1st classified at Mille Miglia in 1944

Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider (1955-1969)

Designed by Pininfarina,he has made the history of sports cars

Fiat 500 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Fiat 1100 Alfa Romeo Duetto